Cocktail of the month April: Little Secret

Less is more, complexity and layering in all its simplicity.

This cocktail was elaborated in the early days of Kiss My in Jules Bar in Kortrijk by their former head bartender Roberto Curia. The perfect spring cocktail that makes us dream of carefree summer days through all its fresh notes and fruitiness. We used the ancient varieties apple juice of Lombarts-Calville, just to give our cocktail that little extra.

Passionate about the bar universe and especially the art of mixing (mixology), Roberto’s story started 22 years ago by opening his own business and this for 15 years.

Craving for adventure he left this behind to become bar manager, this at St. Germain in Tournai. Afterwards his journey continued in Courtrai, first in Jules Bar (Park Hotel), then Calavera (Wevelgem) to end up in Lille at NOAO bar where he still shakes and stirs until now.

Strengthened by his professional experience, he also offers his services and competences to brands and other entrepreneurs.

Roberto likes the straightforwardness and versatility of Kiss My, for him it’s a great addition to the base range in his bar.

Cocktail of the month April: Little Secret

Situated in the heart of the old town centre of Lille, France. NOAO is a gem indulging you with the best mixology and contemporary cuisine has to offer.

Just 3 minutes from the main square you can find this haven of peace, complemented by Roberto’s world class cocktails.


Cocktail of the month April: Little Secret




Kiss My Rhubarb: 50 ml

Bio apple juice: 30 ml

Sicilian lemonade: top off



Highball & Lemon wedge

Cocktail of the month April: Little Secret