Kiss My 2.0: Ready to conquer the world!

It’s been almost five years since siblings Niels & Wouter Vandekerkhove founded Kiss My. At the start, their goal was just to share ‘their grandparents’ drink’ with  friends and family. That drink was prepared after a recipe of granny andgrandad, with the nuts they picked in their grandparents’ garden

The brothers’ story started booming quite quickly when their drink was discovered by some famous cocktail bars and Michelin starred restaurants. Suddenly, they had to move fast to keep track of orders. This kickstart gave the brothers a boost, but since Niels and Wouter are also in charge of production, the early days were also quite the challenge.

Now, a few years later, the brothers have further streamlined and optimized their processes. In the meantime, there is also interest from abroad. An ideal momentum to reflect on Kiss My’s ‘bigger picture’ and to think about the future.

“Our bottles had a nice paper wrapping. Very stylish, but it also made it hard for our clients to get an image of our aperitive. Moreover, through our house style and packaging we wanted to focus more on the traditional production process and the natural ingredients used in our aperitive.”

Kiss My 2.0: Ready to conquer the world!

With these insights, Niels and Wouter contacted the internationally renowned creative agency Pearlfisher for a complete rebranding. This agency specializes in branding for the food and beverage sector and includes Ben and Jerry’s and Jamie Oliver among their clients.

The Pearlfisher designers were charmed by the Belgian brothers and their ‘Kiss My’ aperitive and ‘attitude’. They thought it was a nice challenge to make the world fall in love with Kiss My. They created a suitable rebranding that included the high quality, craftsmanship and beautiful family history of Kiss My.

The personal story of Niels, Wouter and the nut tree in their grandparents’ garden were the common thread in this whole process. In the new logo, we clearly see that the nut tree is at the centre, strongly anchored in the past, but also spreading its branches towards the future.

At Pearlfisher, they thought it was also very important to add a unique, artistic and exclusive character to the packaging. Because the Kiss My aperitive can’t be pigeonholed and clearly has its own rebellious character. That unique aspect is reflected in the beautiful illustrative drawings on the labels. These artistic labels, just like the drink in the bottles, are pure craftsmanship.

Moreover, the labels also refer to the garden of grandad Roger and granny Jenny and display the delicious natural ingredients which are used in the Kiss My aperitive. This allows you to discover which taste to expect in the blink of an eye. To make you linger, that is.

With Pearlfisher, Niels and Wouter chose the perfect partner for their rebranding. This clearly shows in the brand-new corporate identity of Kiss My, which tells their beautiful story without words and takes you straight to their grandparents’ garden.

Falling in love with Kiss My as well?

Kiss My 2.0: Ready to conquer the world!