Cocktail of the month May: Fenix

Spicy, subtle and playful. The ideal partner at the beginning of a nice meal or under a lovely spring sun.

Gently building up the cocktail makes sure you get a nice contrast in the glass. Make sure to stir before the first sip.

A piece of fennel as garnish gives this cocktail a fragrant and savory touch.

The cocktail was elaborated at the request of Fïnley Belgium by Hannah Van Ongevalle. This for the 2019 edition of the VENUEZ Hospitality Show.


Busy Bee, Jill of all trades, queen of cocktails, are just a few understatements to describe Hannah Van Ongevalle.

This ravishing and ambitious rolling stones already earned her stripes in the dominant male world of bartending.

In 2014 Hannah was proclaimed best Belgian bartender. The year after that she wrote her first book; Come take a sip with me, praised by many top chefs.

Cocktail of the month May: Fenix

With Barcelona, London and Paris as places to call home, Hannah takes you on a voyage with her recipes. Fragrant, full of depth and crawling under your skin.

Some of her present projects are Tipsy Cake (Consulting), The Motel (Home workingspace) and The Pharmacy (Speakeasy). Next to that she also caters exclusive events at home and abroad.


The Pharmacy, Infamous en renowned. This Speakeasy at the Belgian seaside, opened its doors in 2013. With Jan as Pater Familias, The Pharmacy quickly became a concept for the locals in Knokke Heist as wel for the aficionados of the better cocktail. Atmosphere, experience, hospitality en taste are top priority here. Those are just a few of the reasons why you’re at the right address with the Van Ongevalles.

Cocktail of the month May: Fenix



Kiss My Rhubarb: 50ml

Rosemary & fennel syrup: 30ml

Lemon juice: 20ml

Premium tonic: 50ml



Highball & Fennel stick



Build in highball over cubed ice



10 gram of sugar

10 gram  of water

Heat the sugar and water gently together with 2 finely chopped branches of rosemary, 15 crushed fennel seeds en a pinch of salt. Let infuse and store cool.

Cocktail of the month May: Fenix