Crazy about rhubarb!

Year in year out, the first spring sun pointing its nose announces the start of the new rhubarb season with all its delicacies. Since rhubarb is an easy-to-grow vegetable, we can find it in a lot of kitchen gardens. Probably a lot of people are even harvesting this gorgeous plant at this very moment. It is ideal to use in all kinds of delicious dishes like pastries, compote, relish or jam. 

Rhubarb is such an essential part of our Belgian cuisine that we would almost think that it’s been grown here for centuries. Nothing could be further from the truth, since rhubarb has arrived from Asia. The Chinese brought it along and it’s only been a good 100 years that rhubarb is actually grown in the lowlands.

Maybe you have some rhubarb in your own kitchen garden? Or maybe it brings back sweet memories about your granny’s rhubarb jam or pie? Our grandparents made rhubarb wine of it. They inspired us to create the Kiss My Rhubarb, our aperitive with rhubarb being one of the key ingredients

Crazy about rhubarb!

We are currently harvesting our rhubarb at Het Warandehof in Alveringem. For more than 15 years Pol and Katrien have been intensively cultivating rhubarb there. This makes they belong to the absolute top in their profession and you can taste that in the end result. There rhubarb species ‘la roze Champagne’ (Pink Champagne) not only has a classy name, it also offers the unique taste to Kiss My Rhubarb.

The freshly picked rhubarb stalks and other ingredients, like lemon thyme and lemon verbena are macerated on wine, alcohol or a combination of both. This way, we ensure they give their delicious taste. After this, we bring all macerates together and add bio sugar to perfect the taste. This heavenly drink is then bottled as our Kiss My Rhubarb. We only use pure, dye and preservative free ingredients. A bit like our grandparents, but in a tiny more refined, professional way and on a somewhat bigger scale!  

Rhubarb’s unique asset is the sweet and sour taste and its fresh touch. It’s not only widely appreciated in the kitchen, but rhubarb also makes our Kiss My Rhubarb taste extra delicious on sunny days and sultry summer nights! 

Crazy about rhubarb!

Are you crazy about rhubarb too? Let’s enjoy a delicious glass of Kiss my Rhubarb on the rocks, accompanied by this savoury rhubarb pastry with fresh yoghurt. 

Recipe: Ottolenghi’s upside down cake.

Pictures @Philip Vanoutrive

Crazy about rhubarb!